Rhoden's Corner

Flexatron talks training, vitamins, and soccer!

What was different in your training before the 2013 Mr. Olympia?
I wanted to shock everyone by bringing in a different package in 2013, so I made two big changes. I decided to train with Charles Glass, who challenges me and pushes me every single day. You can get lazy if you train alone, especially when you’re tired. I defer to Charles with regard to training because he knows so many variations on exercises and he doesn’t let me get away with anything! Once Chris sends my diet, I show Charles my high and low-carb days, and he adjusts the workouts accordingly. From June through the Olympia, I stayed in L.A. to train with him. The second change is that I didn’t go crazy during my off-season and let my weight get out of control. I rarely cheated. Chris even tailored a diet for me when I traveled. And I had to stay accountable and send him pictures every three days. I weighed 232 in May 2012, when I first started with Chris. In May 2013, I started out at 265, and I was much better than my off-season 232.

What is your vitamin routine? Do you believe in fish oil?
I have a very strict routine. I take a multivitamin, vitamin E, CoQ10, a probiotic and fish oil in the morning. Fish oil with its omega-3 fatty acids helps reduce inflammation in the joints when you lift heavy. It’s also a good supplement to prevent heart disease. In addition to my vitamins, I take digestive enzymes after every meal. Bodybuilders take in much more protein than the average person, so a digestive enzyme is key to getting the food moving through your system and helping you feel less bloated.

If you weren’t a pro bodybuilder, what would you do for a living?
I always wanted to be a pro soccer player. I played it from age 5 until I was 19, even when I first started bodybuilding. Growing up with three brothers in Jamaica, we played it year-round, before and after school, at lunchtime, and until late in the evening. It was never quiet in our house. I was all set to attend college on a soccer scholarship when I had a car accident that severed nine tendons in my hand, ending my soccer career. During my recovery I considered becoming an occupational therapist, but my cousin encouraged me to join him in the gym and the rest is history. I’m still a huge soccer fan, and I watch it on TV constantly, Gold Cup, World Cup, English League, you name it, I watch it!