2013 IFBB North American Results

That’s a Wrap!

2013 IFBB North American Results


The 2013 IFBB North American Championships just wrapped up, bringing us dozens of new IFBB pros and nationally-ranked NPC competitors.  All of the divisions of the NPC and IFBB were represented at this downtown Pittsburgh competition and posed, flexed and performed to a packed house at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel’s main ballroom.  Team FLEX was on hand through it all, to bring you up-to-the-minute callouts and placements via Facebook, as well as photos, videos, interviews, and write ups via our website.  The following outlines the top 5 and Overall champions in each of the Open divisions.  


Men's Open Bodybuilding Bantamweight: 

1st - Arturo Gomez

2nd - William Adute

3rd - Arthur Alston


Men's Open Bodybuilding Lightweight: 

1st - Maurico Velazquez Mondragon

2nd - Mario Aiberto Ortega Olalde

3rd - Robert Schneider 

4th - Red Walker

5th - Jack Oehlers


Men's Open Bodybuilding Welterweight:

1st - Rafael Diaz Archiga 

2nd - Baxter Greene 

3rd - Robert Shields

4th - Dionte Goosby

5th - Michael Castlegrande

6th - Taylor Selig


Men's Open Bodybuilding Middleweight:

1st - Charles Curtis 

2nd - Joan Cruz Morales

3rd - Moses Ajala

4th - Jason Fuller

5th - Steve Nuechterlein


Men's Open Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight:

1st - Alejandro Cambronero (Overall 1st Runner Up, IFBB Pro)

2nd - Hugo Aledandio Ortiz Alfonzo 

3rd - Richard Bartley 

4th - Chris Schaub

5th - Chris Tuttle


Men's Open Bodybuilding Heavyweight:

1st - Julius Page (Overall 2st Runner Up, IFBB Pro)

2nd - Brad Rowe 

3rd - Kevin Jordan

4th - Brad Davis

5th - Joe Thomas


Men's Open Bodybuilding Super Heavyweight:

1st - Akim Williams (Overall Champion, IFBB Pro)

2nd - Michael Locket 

3rd - Eboni Wilson 

4th - Tyler Berry

5th - Dustin Hanshaw 


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Women's Open Bodybuilding Lightweight:

1st - Jessica Gabriela Rivera Cardenas

2nd - Keran Holliday


Women's Open Bodybuilding Middleweight:

1st - Carrie Woolridge

2nd - Heather King

3rd - Leann George


Women's Open Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight:

1st - Glenese Markes (Overall Champion & IFBB Pro)

2nd - Miara Nelson 

3rd - Christine Sabo

4th - Cheryl Faust

5th - Shirl Castro



Women's Open Bodybuilding Heavyweight:

1st - Amanda Aivaliotis

4th - Robin Hillis

5th - Heather Manuel

2nd - Keli Watkins

3rd - Dawn Alison 


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Men's Open Physique Class A:

1st - Ronald Boyden (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Mike Balan (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Carl Roberts

4th - Mohammad Anjum

5th - Cornell Felarca


Men's Open Physique Class B:

1st - Tyler Stines (Overall Champion & IFBB Pro)

2nd - Phillip Williams (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Henry James

4th - Ryan Hinton

5th - Jake Phippen


Men's Open Physique Class C:

1st - Robert Ortiz (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Derrick Yuvienco (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Zach Witchey

4th - John Gioffre

5th - Igor Gajic


Men's Open Physique Class D:

1st - George Brown (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Emmanuele Banks (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Stephen Marino

4th - Cory Cook

5th - Dyllon Orbea


Men's Open Physique Class E:

1st - Anthony Perez (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Brian Hay (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Qaadir Moore

4th - Anwar Golloday

5th - Kyle Moore


Men's Open Physique Class F:

1st - Joe Canta (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Jacques Lewis (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Scott Clifton

4th - Joey Recktenwald

5th  - Josh Bowman


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Women's Open Physique Class A: 

1st - Tish Shelton (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Rosela Josephj (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Dominique Furuta

4th - Jane Ackerman 

5th - Linda Simnick


Women's Open Physique Class B:

1st - Natasha Marks (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Lisa Grasso (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Misty Palacios-Ali

4th - Jodi Marchuck

5th - Tracy Weller


Women's Open Physique Class C:

1st - Desunka Dawson (Overall Champion & IFBB Pro)

2nd - Shelly Yakimchuck (IFBB Pro)

3rd - Kendel Dolen 

4th - Lisa Stark

5th - Alicia King


Women's Open Physique Class D:

1st - Kiim Kosmas (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Shannon Byers 

3rd - Carrie Lawyer

4th - Marcy McCaskey

5th - Melanie Rucker


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Open Figure Class A:

1st - Geri Villalona (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Rachelle Carter

3rd - Melissa Girard

4th - Monica Lopez Jauregui

5th - Martha Tierney


Open Figure Class B:

1st - Samantha Rioux (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Jessica Macmillan

3rd - Candi Minette

4th - Autumn Massey

5th - Kristina Ratzlaff


Open Figure Class C:

1st - Erin Ehrlich (Overall Champion & IFBB Pro)

2nd - Jennifer Olsen

3rd - Angela Jorge

4th - Kimberly Jones

5th - Zahira Landestoy


Open Figure Class D:

1st - Lisa Tanker-Potts (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Carli Terepka

3rd - Tiffany Gaston 

4th - Sarah Johnson

5th - Jami Shields


Open Figure Class E:

1st - Holly Mitchell (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Linda Potter

3rd - Annette Mendez

4th - Tia Angle 

5th - Rachel Killam


Open Figure Class F:

1st - Tamen Stuve (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Veronica Jackson

3rd - Azusena Cardenas 

4th - Camille Clark

5th - Allison Stauss


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Fitness Open Class A:

1st - Natalie Graziano (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Nicolette Spencer 

3rd - Kristine Duba

4th - Danielle Chikeles

5th - Gloria Mohninger


Fitness Open Class B:

1st - Kimberly Stroup (Overall Champion & IFBB Pro)

2nd - Samantha Sage

3rd - Toni Naramore

4th - Venus Ramos

5th - Barbie Thomas


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Bikini Open Class A:

1st - Crystal Nelson (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Amy Updike

3rd - Michelle Mein

4th - Yorkansis Francis

5th - Marlene Guzman


Bikini Open Class B:

1st - Ronda Porter (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Ajia Maximillian 

3rd - Patriceia Mathis

4th - Jasmine Ramirez

5th - Lauren Huddleston


Bikini Open Class C:

1st - Barbara Gonzalez (Overall Champion & IFBB Pro)

2nd - Sophia Low

3rd - Maizee Demske

4th - Sarah McDonough

5th - Michelle Boyden


Bikini Open Class D:

1st - Erika Rivera (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Anne Caravello 

3rd - Brittany Adams

4th - Kenea Yancey

5th - Britney Braddock


Bikini Open Class E:

1st - Shernika Speights (IFBB Pro)

2nd - Whitney Wiser

3rd - Breanna Rose

4th - Jessie Dye

5th - Jessica Lawson


Bikini Open Class F:

1st - Jessica James (IFBB Pro) 

2nd - Michelle Tarajcak 

3rd - Lisa Kelly

4th - Stephanie Chapa

5th - LaJean Morrow


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