Gyms are still closed and people around the world continue to practice social distancing and self-quarantining. Still, while we’re all stuck shuttering in place, we still gotta train.

Trouble is, not all of us have a full arsenal of gym equipment that we’d normally turn to during our usual workout routine. That means we need to A) do nothing and turn into a puddle of flab until we get cleared to go back to the gym, or B) accept the reality of the situation, and adapt and adjust to preserve your gains.

We’re going with option B (we’re sure you are, too).

Over the past few weeks we’ve been offering workouts and tips about bodyweight training and free-weight training in hopes it’ll help alleviate the separation anxiety you’re experiencing from your home away from home. To fill that void, here are our best exercise swaps that can be done at home with the equipment you might already have.

What does that mean? It means we’re assuming the majority of you don’t have the space or cash flow (especially now, if you’ve been laid off or furloughed) for a power rack, smith machine, or bench. That’s why we’ve opted to provide you with ideas and detailed instructions for moves that involve dumbbells, a barbell, and an adjustable bench.


5 Exercise Swaps for Faster Gains

Make these key substitutions to speed strength and size gains.

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