Bodybuilding For Beginners

Ronnie Coleman's advice on growing in mind & body



I think I’m now ready for the advanced stage as a bodybuilder. How should I change my training?


My own success is based upon the wisest adage of the ages: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

You say you have progressed to the advanced stage of bodybuilding. If so, you have been doing something right in your training and diet for years to get to this point. My advice: continue. Don’t change a thing. 

I even hesitate to remind you of some of the basic bodybuilding tenets, such as using proper exercise form and getting a good pump. The mere suggestion could preoccupy your mind with such specifics and distract you from concentrating on the higher priority of your mass-building principles that have been, and still are, working. 

If you’re like me, you dove into bodybuilding with a passion, not a strategy. It was, and still is, something you loved, not a scheme for success that you reached after comparing it with other ventures. Bodybuilding is something you’re driven to do, no matter what. It’s in your blood, not in your mind. You toss and turn in bed at night, resenting the hours that keep you from your next workout. In your dreams, you’re in the gym, grunting, sweating, smashing those weights, cheering your training partners to their personal records, then getting under the bar when your turn comes and beating them at their own game, as they in turn cheer you on. When you awake, you gulp down some breakfast before you’re off and running, unable to resist the allure of ringing iron and the delicious pain of rough-cut knurling. You have no chart or graphs to consult, no calculus of how many more muscle fibers will be stimulated with each additional repetition. You’re in there to lift as hard, as heavy and as long as you can, because you’re conquering the world, and it feels good. When you drag yourself home, the only thing on your mind is getting back in there the next day, so you can do even better.

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