Two-time 212 Olympia trophy winner Shaun Clarida is hoping to three-peat the throne in 2024 and if this recent killer leg day workout is anything to go by, The “Giant Killer” could well slay his opponents on stage come this October in Las Vegas. While the list of exercises required to build bugling legs isn’t very long, there’s “never a shortage of intensity,” in the execution says the man himself.

The workout, posted to Clarida’s Instagram page, gave his 618,000+ followers an awesome leg day to replicate when time constraints call for a short but stimulating wheel session.

Shaun Clarida’s Killer Leg Day Workout

Pendulum Squats: 6 plates x 15 reps

Hip Press: 14 plates x 20 reps

Leg Extensions: To failure

Now you see why it’s an intense workout, right? The goal here is for the “Giant Killer” to go as heavy as possible, aiming for failure and shocking his body into a muscle building state of hypertrophy. If you are a regular gym goer who is repeating the same extended leg day sessions, you may hit a plateau as your body adapts and the rate of hypertrophy will decrease. By mixing things up and adding this brief but epic blast, you will keep the body guessing and potentially build more muscle.

In the video, Clarida lifts some serious weight. He adds 6 plates to his pendulum squats (270 pounds / 122 kilograms), 14 plates to his hip presses (630 pounds / 285 kilograms) and lifts to failure on his leg extensions to really feel the burn. Now, for most people, replicating this kind of load would be insanity rather than intensity, so make sure to gauge where you are at and lift as heavily as you are safely able to do so. But whatever you do, don’t get in the way of Shaun Clarida on leg day!

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