Are you the type to exercise while on vacation or prioritize it when life comes at you in full force? If so, this is for you. Exercising is always a personal choice; nothing magnifies this more than summer vacation. You can’t bring the gym with you to stay on the gain train, but you can take portable equipment with you while away and perform this quick bodybuilding kettlebell workout.

Only if you want to, of course.

Short, sharp workouts focusing on compound movements using minimal rest will help maintain your gains and allow you some leeway on the dietary front. So, you can have your cake and eat it too. Here Allan Bacon, owner of Maui Athletics, gives you a bodybuilding kettlebell workout to maintain your gains while allowing you time afterward to enjoy the finer things in life, outside of the gym, of course.

Bodybuilding Kettlebell Workout

“This is a great workout with minimal equipment to improve or maintain your cardiovascular performance, power, and physique gains. It targets many muscle groups simultaneously with little overlap between groups—delts, traps, back musculature, quads, hamstrings, glutes, pecs, and triceps.

All in one smooth circuit. This no-fuss workout allows you to hit them effectively without producing pointless fatigue,” explains Bacon.

Kettlebell Triset Workout

1A. Alternating Kettlebell Snatches x 16 reps (8 each side)

1B. Alternating Goblet Reverse Lunge x 16 reps (8 each leg)

1C. Pushups x 12 reps

Perform four rounds for time and rest two minutes between each round.

Kettlebell Triset Tips

  • Men’s recommended starting weight: 52 pounds (but adjust according to your strength level)
  • Women’s recommended starting weight: 35 pounds (but adjust according to your strength level)
  • Adjust weights as needed for a challenge or regression depending on your level of fitness or fatigue.
  • You can perform this 1-3 times per week, per your preference,
  • You can use dumbbells if you have no access to kettlebells.
  • For the two unilateral exercises, you can alternate each rep or do all one side and the other.

Now, enjoy the rest of your day guilt-free.