The days of working out at the gym as a “guy thing” are long over. We know that women can lift iron just as well as men—even better in some cases. This is especially true of the female competitors preparing to step on the Mr. Olympia stage very soon.

Case in point: two-time and reigning Bikini Olympia Champion Angelica Teixeira. Already at the top of her division, Teixeira is on the verge of being in some rarified air. If she wins the Bikini Olympia competition this year, it will be her third straight title. Regardless of the division, not many people in the IFBB Pro League can say they won three straight Olympia titles.

Clearly, she leaves nothing on the gym floor and makes sure each rep is calculated and performed with intensity. Her 308,000-plus Instagram followers will verify this, and you can see some of her posts here for yourself.


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