When someone is in the public eye as often as model Gigi Hadid, it’s inevitable that at some point social media trolls will have something to say about her appearance.

Fresh off a weekend of gracing New York Fashion Week runways, the 22-year-old took a stand against body shamers accusing her of being too skinny and generating theories about why she appears to have lost weight since she started modeling at 17. She explained that she has Hashimoto’s disease, a condition in which the immune system attacks the thyroid, causing inflammation and hypothyroidism.

At the time she began modeling, she hadn’t yet been diagnosed. Since then, she’s been properly medicated for the condition and feels healthier than ever.

She continued the string of tweets with a reminder that everyone is affected by things like stress and excessive travel, and that she hasn’t changed her eating habits. Like everyone else, she learns and grows with her body and does everything she can to stay healthy.

Hadid also denied drug rumors and slammed body shamers who feel the need to make rude comments just because someone doesn’t fit into their specific ideals of beauty. She urged everyone “as social media users and human beings in general” to be more empathetic, remember that they don’t know anyone else’s full story, and use their energy to lift others up rather than knock them down.

It’s great to hear that Hadid is in good health and living her best life, but she also shouldn’t have to explain her appearance to anyone—and she seems to have resolved to quit explaining herself. Her inspiring post just goes to show that everyone faces negativity, and the best approach is to strive to be healthier, not fit into anyone’s expectations of beauty.

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