Fitness star Paige Hathaway stopped by the Muscle & Fitness Hers office to talk fitness, social media culture, and being the new global ambassador for F45 Training. While she was here, we also had her demo a few unique, tough lower-body moves, coaching one of our editors along the way. And trust us, those moves will have you out of breath in no time.

F45 is a functional fitness-focused group workout program that specializes in high-intensity, innovative moves (like the ones Hathaway gives us a quick demo of in the video).

Paige Hathaway's Backside Booster

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Check out the full interview and workout demo in the video below:

Fitness star Paige Hathaway stops by the office to talk about fitness and overall well-being with editor Rose McNulty.

Posted by Muscle & Fitness Hers on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Follow Hathaway at @paigehathaway, and check out F45 at @f45_training.

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