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Secor on stage at the Battle of the Godz bodybuilding competition. Photo credit: Augusta Rose Photo

Dr. Mimi Secor, a certified family nurse practitioner for over 40 years, was pursuing her doctorate in nursing when she realized that she had let her health take a back seat. The Onset, Mass. resident decided that enough was enough and made a total transformation before her bodybuilding debut. M&F Hers caught up with Secor and got the scoop on her motivation and fitness journey.

Secor told the Wareham Week that she had been experiencing weight gain, sleep loss, and anxiety. Instead of continuing down that path, she decided to make a positive transformation. Just two and a half years later, she found herself on stage at the Battle of the Godz bodybuilding competition in Providence, R.I., competing in the novice over 40 category and making her “Debut at 62”, which has become her tagline througout her journey. 

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She got her start on an exercise bike in her living room and lifting light weights. While she was earning her doctorate she decided to take her training up a notch. Since she got her start in fitness, she has lost 40 pounds and 12 inches off her waist. Now, she wants other women to realize that age is just a number, and that strength training can benefit anyone. 

“Start making small changes today,” Secor told M&F Hers, “Do not put it off, do not wait for the perfect time. Just dive in and do it!” 

Mimi secor
Augusta Rose Photo

Katherine Secor, IFBB Physique pro, played a big part in her mother’s transformation. Photo credit: Augusta Rose Photo

Her daughter, Katherine Secor, is an IFBB Women’s Physique pro and suggested that Secor take up weightlifting and implement some diet changes to get fit and reach her goals. 

“With my daughter’s expert assistance, I overhauled my exercise regimen and my diet. Key strategies for my success included increasing my protein to four ounces every three hours, keeping my carbs around 75 grams daily (not counting workout carbs), drinking more water, recording all of my food (including nibbles, licks and bites), weighing, measuring and prepping my food,” Secor said. She also attributes her success to addressing emotional challenges with the help of a life coach—something she says many people fail to do, inhibiting their overall progress. 

Secor knew that she was prepared, but couldn’t help but feel nervous after she saw her competition.

“I was terrified the moments before stepping out on the stage,” Secor told M&F Hers. “I realized that I was nearly 20 years older than most in my category and I just hoped I’d be competitive with them.”

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Her advice for those who don’t think they can make a huge change? Be consistent. No matter what, she finds a way to get a workout in every day, eat healthy, and get good sleep (even if she has to squeeze a nap in to do so).  

As for competing, Secor doesn’t plan on slowing down. She’s ramping up her weight training to build up her physique and looking for more shows to compete in for 2017. 

Check out Secor’s Facebook and website to follow her journey.