The Bikini Abs Diet Plan

The key to defined abs? Watching what you eat. Here’s how to make it easy.

The Bikini Abs Diet Plan

All the workouts in the world won’t make a difference if you overdo it in the kitchen. That’s why we asked Jaclyn Sklaver, who also created our bikini abs workout, to give us a smart diet that will help you see results faster. “This diet meshes perfectly with what you are doing at the gym,” says Sklaver. On higher-intensity strength days, you’ll have slightly higher carb and calorie counts to fuel your workouts. On rest or pure-cardio days, the carb and calories fall slightly to help you cut fat faster. Note the sample menus and meals here are based on a 135-pound female, so adjust as needed. Follow along and you’ll be bikini proud in about one month. (Get the Bikini Abs Exercises here.)

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