Odds are you’ve read dozens of bodyweight exercise articles, and most of them seem to just recycle the same tips. Some push-ups, a couple of pull-ups, and maybe a one-legged squat here and there but nothing on how to take your bodyweight routine to the next level, toward an intermediate regimen. The fact is there’s only so much you can do with just your body before it all gets repetitive.

You can do push ups and planks all day long, but if you’re an intermediate lifter with a poorly equipped home gym what you really need are moves that can challenge you and help you make gains in and out of the gym. That’s not always an easy task. Luckily, I’m here to give you a list of intermediate bodyweight exercises to spice up your routine.

With these moves, you’re mostly using your bodyweight with the assistance of little to no weight or a resistance band. You can find the equipment for this easily on Amazon or your favorite sports store (most of which are designated essential businesses).

These moves may seem simple, but give them a shot and you’ll quickly be humbled. All are meant to challenge you in a different way and have your muscles quivering by the end of your workout.

Be sure to follow the tips for proper body placement on each move and take not at the speed each one should be performed at — some of these require slow, focused movements to make them worthwhile. Don’t rush through the pain.

You can also watch each of the videos for hints and tips on how to properly perform the intermediate bodyweight exercises. With all that said, let’s do this.

Lee Boyce is a personal trainer, speaker, fitness writer, and college professor based in Toronto, Canada. He is the owner and operator of leeboycetraining.com and works with clients and athletes for strength, conditioning, and sport performance. With a background as a varsity level sprinter and long jumper in university amid his kinesiology studies, he now brings plenty of that experience and anecdote to the lectures and workshops he delivers around North America to help make trainers and fitness professionals more effective at their jobs. Follow him on all social media @coachleeboyce . 

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