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Build Muscle With the Weekend Warrior Workout

Pressed for time during the week? Get a full-body blast with this weekend-only workout.

Build Muscle With the Weekend Warrior Workout

It’s not ideal, but it happens.

Sometimes, we just don’t have enough time in the week to get to the gym. As a coach, I work with a lot of mid-aged family men and women, who often spend their business weeks on planes, then in meetings, then at client dinners, then passed out by 10PM in a hotel room, only to do it again the next day.

It’s the recipe to throw off any training consistency, regardless of the absolute best intentions. As a result, these weekend husbands and dads end up having to turn into weekend warriors in the gym, using Friday afternoon until Sunday night to cram in their training volume for the week. 

Of course, this is less than desirable, but I suppose it’s the lesser of two evils when compared to the option of not training at all. Luckily, I’m ready to help.  If you’re confined to Friday to Sunday workout days, then here are some ground rules to think about.

Rule #1: Focus on Movements, Not Muscles

It makes the most sense not to isolate, regardless of what your goals are. Given that you’re only training a maximum of three days out of the week, it’s reasonable to confirm that you won’t get the greatest results if you’re after size, due to the fact that it’s just too infrequent. Making sure you’re moving properly is the name of the game here if you want any shreds of strength you have left, to be maintained. I like arranging my clients’ workouts in the patterns of vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling. This will encourage the body to use big movement patterns like the deadlift, standing press, bench press, squat, lunge, pull up, and row. They belong in your workout as the “core” movements, around which other assistance exercise can and should take second place. These choices will give you the most bang for your buck. Be sure to arrange them in the planes of motion that they fit into.

Rule #2: Squat on Two of the Three Days

On two out of the three days (ideally Friday and Sunday), you need to perform a squat pattern. It’s going to be important to help you deal with an axially loaded barbell, which can induce plenty of hormonal release to aid muscle development.  I’d recommend squatting for more volume on one of the days, and squatting for more max strength on another.  The biggest mistake you can make as a weekend warrior is to neglect adequately training the lower body.

Rule #3: Make Sunday the Most Metabolically Challenging

If you’re not about to train for 5 days following your last workout, it’s a good idea to go out with a bang. It can be by means of switching the workout system to more of a conditioning-based circuit style method, or it can be as simple as moderating the rest intervals, workloads and exercise pairings in order to tap into an increased metabolic demand.  The good thing about training in this fashion is, you can potentiate fat loss for up to 38 hours following the workout, according to recent research.  May as well cut into the days you’re inactive by leaving things off in a really good place. Wouldn’t you agree?

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