The Workout

Primitive movement patterns have been lost to many of us in our modern society. Our prehistoric ancestors moved out of necessity for survival. Through many of the advances of the last two centuries we have lost the need to move; and because of this up until the last couple decades, most people lived sedentary lifestyles. I love that so many people have realized the need to move and exercise.

These two moves are primitive yet have stood the test of time and together are a great workout in and of themselves. Set up two cones 25 meters apart. Place the heaviest dumbbells (or other implement) you can carry for 50 meters by one cone. Bear crawl from one cone to the other then back to where you started. Then pick up the dumbbells and walk the same path down and back. Do as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes.

Workout Tips

>> The bear crawl should be performed with opposite arm and leg moving simultaneously not the same side arm and leg. Your butt shouldn’t be high in the air. Try and maintain a nice flat back parallel to the ground the entire time, planting with your whole hand.

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>> There are bars made specifically for the farmer’s carry (aka farmer’s walk) which I recommend if you have them available. I wrote in dumbbells here because it is the most readily available implement. Wheelbarrows have been designed for this as well, or you could use kettlebells. Don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from this workout.

>> In the farmer’s carry you can probably use a heavier weight than you think.

The 15 Pay Off

As “boot campy” as it appears, the bear crawl is a very good and intense exercise to implement into your program from time to time. Not only is it a very difficult exercise but simultaneous opposite arm/leg movement helps improve cognitive function and can actually help fight Alzheimer’s and dementia. The farmers carry is one of the first exercises you should ever do. It will greatly help improve overall body strength. Performing these two exercises back to back for 15 minutes will be a new challenge you have yet to face. Before you take this workout for granted – try it out.