When it comes to building that perfect beach body, you can either spend hours on end in the gym — or you can follow this 12-minute dumbbell routine from MMA conditioning coach and master metabolic trainer Funk Roberts.

With this routine, demonstrated by Roberts during an Instagram Live takeover on the Muscle & Fitness IG page, you don’t have to use heavy weights, but your endurance will be tested and you’ll be doing combination moves throughout the regimen.

For example, in the first move you’ll hit two lying chest presses before executing two lying skull crushers; for your next move you’ll do two double-arm bent over rows before going to alternating single-arm rows. You’ll do each combination for 40 seconds then rest for 20 before going straight into the next one — when you’re done with all four moves, that’s one round. Aim for four rounds, which should take 12 minutes.

Roberts will have your entire upper body burning by the end of this one — that means your chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. In return, you’ll burn a ton of calories and build up lactic acid throughout all of your muscles.

“We want to build lean muscle while we burn calories, because it’s summer time,” Roberts says. “This isn’t the time to get lean and puffy, this is a time to get lean and ripped.”

Here’s the move list. You can also follow along with Roberts in the video below.

Metabolic Muscle Upper Body Workout
Exercise Set Rest Reps
Lying Chest Press To Tricep Press 3 20 sec. 40 sec.
Bent Over Row Complex 3 20 sec. 40 sec.
Bicep Curl Complex 3 20 sec. 40 sec.
Shoulder Complex 3 20 sec. 40 sec.