By now, most of us know Instragram’s @apiecebyguy and his sword-wielding workout antics at Don Saladino’s Drive 495 gym. Lately, he’s been upping his sword fighting workouts, but this week he went into comic territory by battling “Thanos.”

In the latest video, the sword fighting trainee defended himself against a Thanos-armed Saladino. At one point, sword guy was held by Thanos’ mighty grip as his hands pulled freemotion cables forward. Then he tries to defend himself with his sword, only to be taken down by Thanos, before eventually “defeating” the “villain.”

In the past, we’ve seen sword guy wielding his weapon on an elliptical, treadmill, and bench. Most recently, he was undergoing some type of torture defense training while his mouth was taped shut. Of course, it makes perfect sense that he’s battling Marvel villains now. 

As cool as it is to see a fake Thanos arm incorporated into training, we’re still a bit perplexed by these unique workout methods and still want to know: What is he training for?