If you’re planning on selling tickets to your own personal “gun-show” you better make sure the crowd will be impressed. The last thing you want is to throw up a biceps pose (with a big grin) and get booed off the stage. Unfortunately, while almost everyone in the gym tossing around the iron is quite passionate about filling out his shirt sleeves with muscle, most are making vital mistakes preventing this very goal from manifesting.

And having big biceps isn’t just good for looking good—though that’s a big plus. Pumping up your guns will also help to make you stronger and improve lifts such as the strict curl and deadlift. Think about it for a second: just about every lift involves the biceps in one way or another, so it stands to reason that if you work on them then you’ll get better at just about every exercise.

But getting bigger biceps isn’t as easy as grabbing a pair of dumbbells and curling your way to 21-inch pythons—you need to follow a workout program that will get you the results you seek. On the flip side of that coin, you also need to be aware of what not to do during your biceps workouts.

We’ve tracked down six of the most common biceps-training errors that you might be doing right now and need to stop immediately. Continuing these ill-advised habits will only leave you with noodles for arms.

Here are six common biceps-training errors.

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