At Muscle & Fitness we’re driven to shed some light on every aspect of the fitness world. There is no one way to get in shape. We want our readers to explore the multitude of possibilities beyond the confines of a standard gym floor. And so we’re tasking one of our own—Deputy Editor Zack Zeigler—to go on a unique fitness journey and bring his experiences to you in our new series—WORKOUTS YOU’VE NEVER TRIED.


In this episode, Zeigler went retro at Throwback Fitness, a fitness studio in Manhattan that incorporates childhood games into a surprisingly intense full-body workout class.

“It was tougher than I thought it was going to be,” Zeigler says. “The volume crept up on me, but the team- and game-based structure served as a distraction. So although there were times when I was gassed, I was having fun and continued to push forward.”

Was Zeigler an all-star at everything he tried?

“Not even close,” he admits. “I went into each activity or class with an open mind and gave my all, which doesn’t always translate to success—and I’m okay with that.”