2017 is the year. The year you get shredded, the year you eat healthier, the year you finally keep your resolutions. But if you’re going to get serious about transforming your body (and your mind) you’re going to need a gameplan to make it happen.

It’s tough to get started, that’s why we have the ultimate New Year, New You wellness package. We strategically put together everything you need to dominate the next 365, including the best workout routines to build muscle, healthy fat-incinerating recipes for every meal of the day, the latest and greatest upcoming trends in fitness, and even expert tips from Mark Wahlberg himself.

There’s always pressure to get back to the gym after the holiday break—head into it well-prepared and avoid these common “first-day” mistakes.  Not feeling that gym scene, but still need to work off those few extra pounds from your holiday feast, we get it. Use our 5 at-home workouts to cut down on that gut. These workouts will come in handy on some of the cold days when the last thing you want to do is leave your place.

Work out smarter, not harder this year by staying on top of the ever-changing trends. Or, if you rather take small steps, we have 100 different ways you can lose weight and burn fat—a few options: rock climbing, fight training, and pickup hoops. Getting your nutrition right is no problem either—we have 25 healthy options to try this year and 30 ways to pack more protein into your diet.

Finally, don’t forget to put an emphasis on recovery this year and see the positive impact it’ll have on your workouts. Take some advice from actor Mark Wahlberg about what to do with his no-nonsense approach to soreness: “If you work through the pain—say you work out, you’re sore the next day, you go into work out, 15-20 minutes into the workout—the soreness is gone.”

Make 2017 your year. Click on the link below to get started.

New Year, New You 2017Your blueprint to be happier, stronger, and more productive than ever.