Andrea Shaw hopes to finish 2022 with a repeat three-peat. Shaw is both the two-time defending Ms. Olympia and the two-time defending Rising Phoenix Champion. She will look to successfully defend both titles this year. The Rising Phoenix contest will take place in Chandler, Arizona on Nov. 5, and the Olympia will be on the weekend of Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas.

Shaw took time out of her prep to visit with Isabelle Turell on the “Fit Rockstar Show,” and she reminisced about her first time stepping onstage at the Rising Phoenix in 2019.

“It was a big deal for me to just do it,” Shaw told Turell. “I was brand new to bodybuilding, and I knew I needed more time to learn how to be in bodybuilding.”

She’d finish seventh in that contest. Helle Trevino won that title. One year later, Shaw would claim the title for herself, and she won the Ms. Olympia that same year – the first time that contest was held since 2014. Shaw is preparing for the new crop of talent that is coming in to face her in both contests, and she shared that she’s excited about the opportunity.

“Loving it,” she emphasized. “I am super excited to see the new ladies on the Olympia and Rising Phoenix stages. It’s going to be exciting.”

Shaw is not only saying that because of the challenges she will face onstage. As an ambassador of her division, she truly wants to see women’s bodybuilding succeed and reach heights it never had before. She’s optimistic when discussing her outlook on the future of the sport.

“I think it’s finally flourishing the way I hoped it would,” she told her fellow bodybuilder. “I still want more ladies to come, but we’re off to a great start.”

Shaw and Turell cover a lot of ground, and you get a rare chance to hear the reigning world champion share her thoughts on a lot of topics. Go to and subscribe to the Wings of Strength YouTube channel so you can see this and all episodes of The Fit Rockstar Show. New episodes air every Saturday at 12 Noon Eastern time.


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