With less than two weeks before his showdown against undefeated WBA super lightweight champion Mario “El Azteca” Barrios, Gervonta Davis has approached what’s being promoted as a career-defining challenge for him the same way as he did in any of his previous fights.

Davis (24-0, 23 KO) is jumping up two weight classes to take on Barrios (26-0, 17 KOs) on June 26 in a Showtime pay-per-view bout. Barrios, who has a 5½-inch advantage in height, is also 9-0 since moving to 140 pounds, with eight of those finishing by way of knockout. It will be the first time Davis has faced a challenger with the speed and power who could possibly take him the distance or place him in unfamiliar territory on fight night.

Even with those factors, Davis has sounded more curious than concerned when he’s addressed the challenges that Barrios presents him.

“I want to test his power and see how strong he is,” Davis says.

Even given this newest challenge and a chance to be a three-division world champ, Davis says there wasn’t any overhaul from a strength and conditioning standpoint or with his training camp due to fighting in a heavier weight class.

“Everything is going smooth,” Davis says. “Camp has gone very well. I’m not sore, not hurt and it’s been going great. Even with moving up in weight, I didn’t have to lose that much weight, probably only a few pounds.”

He adds: “I don’t think this camp is any different. I’m just continuing to train hard. I always train hard, so this isn’t any different. It’s just a different opponent.”

Of the noticeable changes is an increase in his water intake and not as many Skittles as he’s used to. Davis still employs the same chef and nutritionist, and his diet remains similar to the spartan diet, which includes lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats eaten every four hours. He didn’t want to focus on bulking up because he doesn’t want to be stuck in a weight class.

His meal plan included turkey bacon with eggs and mixed peppers for breakfast. For lunch, Davis would opt for tuna, spinach along with a light snack which would vary. Salmon would be the main dish come dinner time, along with smothered potatoes and either broccoli and asparagus.

While the two-weight-class jump has been newsworthy, Davis has enjoyed the consistency of his usual preparation. From his workouts, sparring and pad sessions, as with the bouts before he faces Barrios, the focus is all about performing his best and putting on a good show.

With consistency being the key, Gervonta Davis says you can also expect what boxing fans have become accustomed to from his performances on June 26 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

“Fireworks, Fourth of July,” Davis says. “You know how the fourth of July looks, right? That’s exactly how the fight is going to be.”

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