Bodybuilding and fitness athletes can look like walking and talking superheroes. The muscles, symmetry, and the confidence they exude onstage can make them appear superhuman. But like everyone else, they can go through adversity, face hard times, and need something or someone to help them through it.

Dr. Yvette Williams is known as “The Singer With Muscles”. Even though she has another profession, her passion for training is obvious, which is why she could fit the superhero bill as well. However, the Denver, Colorado native faced hard times and needed something to help her through recovery. She found in the form of the legendary heavy metal band, Disturbed.

“They came out with an album called “The Sickness.” Their music actually got me through a time of depression,” she told Fit Rockstar host Isabelle Turell. “That album really helped me through my rehab, just my recovery and counseling.”

Eventually, Williams got to meet the band and tell them directly about how their music inspired her. That was the first time she got to talk to them, but it would not be the last. Later on, Disturbed returned to Ohio where she currently resides for another concert. She hoped to talk to them again, but she got a lot more than that. She was able to sing her version of one of their songs to them at the Meet and Greet.

“I did that, and they just stood back there and started applauding. So I was like, ‘thanks, guys,’” Williams recalled. Her evening was far from over. During the concert, she was called up onstage to perform with and for lead singer David Draiman. Guitarist Dan Donegan even recorded it for Williams on her phone.

“It happened so fast. I was in such shock. This was not planned. I did not know this was going to happen,” she said. “David is standing there onstage with his hand out like ‘come here, sweetie. This is your Disturbed idol moment. You asked for it.’ And I said, ‘okay, cool, 14,000 people. Nice. Let’s rock.’”

Williams got to sing her song to the crowd with Draiman on one knee. Williams got to stay onstage with the band and take selfies with them. The moment led to her benefitting professionally as well as personally.

“That video went viral and from that, I actually got a couple of gigs right after that to sing for the Victor Martinez legends.”

Williams also talks about her connection with Denise Masino, why she is a fan of Martinez, celebrity crushes, her own singing experiences, and much more. Catch this week’s episode of The Fit Rockstar Show as well as all episodes every Saturday at 12 noon Eastern Time over at the

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