Five-time Ironman athlete Eric Hinman is someone who many young people look up to as a source of inspiration. Aside from his competitive success, he’s also a content creator and social media influencer who helps build and establish a host of popular wellness brands.

Speaking with M&F Reps host Zack Zeigler, Hinman went over several key components about his life and athletic career. One point in particular, Hinman explained the advice he shares often with younger aspiring creators and athletes.

“Make sure if you’re trading time for money, do something you’re incredibly passionate about, or if you have to write this “surviving” chapter, that you’re building an asset and that you can have some form of residual income so you can eventually branch off and do something that you’re super passionate about.”

Hinman’s passion has been fitness and wellness. After explaining how much he enjoyed running, he disclosed that he started pursuing that passion because of how he felt, not because of any dollar signs.

“I never knew that it would lead me to where I am now, being able to monetize it,” he says. “I was just doing it because I loved it and I felt like I was the best version of myself. My cup was overflowing by building my days around training for Ironman, recovery, eating healthy, deep sleep, all of these things that are primal in nature.”

Turning to his Ironman success, Hinman was asked what should first-timers looking to go from a sedentary lifestyle to competing in Ironman-like endurance contests. Hinman’s most basic step is the most important one for all people that want to achieve big goals.

“Show up for yourself. Start small, and know that by executing on a daily basis, you can get to the exact same spot that I got to, the world championships in Kona [Hawaii],” he said. “It doesn’t favor some genetic gift; it favors hard work.”

That point is a valid one, but many people can be overwhelmed by the bigger picture and not follow through. Eric Hinman explained that he built up his ability to train by learning to swim the distance, then doing smaller triathlons, and working up from there. He felt that this same approach can work universally regardless of the goal. His end goal was to make it to the Ironman World Championships, and he was very passionate about that destination.

“I had a burning desire to get to the world championships, and I literally thought about it with every training session. The world championships were on my mind, and I was going to train as hard as I could and sacrifice other facets of my life in order to get to the world championships.”

Hinman shares a lot more valuable insight as to how he reached his goals and how anyone starting out can fulfill their goals as well.

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