Some bodybuilders and physique competitors take part in amateur shows to fulfill a goal and feel that spotlight on them at least once. Ninety-nine percent of the people that compete, however, do so because they want to move up the ranks and someday achieve pro status in the IFBB Pro League. Thanks to the internet, there has been a lot of confusion in recent months about how to do that.

Leave it to Alina Popa and Whitney Jones to cut through the rumors and find the solution. They used their platform on Femme Flex Friday to get the answers, and J.M. Manion himself joined them this week to differentiate the truth from fiction.

“The first thing is, when you want to look at a contest, look for our logo,” Manion instructed. The logo he spoke of is the front double biceps logo with the circle that has “NPC” in the middle. “That is what gets you here.”

Popa follows up by speaking specifically about the international contests that are sanctioned by NPC Worldwide. There are some countries that have different rules in place, which is why some athletes may be mixed up about how qualifying works. Manion shares the places to get all the correct information.

“Some countries you have requirements, some countries you don’t. That is all on both the NPC News Online website under the NPC Worldwide section and on, where it gives you the breakdown,” Manion confirmed to Popa.

Manion also wanted to clear up why some countries have regional qualifiers while others don’t.

“I think it has to do with a higher population of competitors. Some countries don’t have as many competitors, and the regionals shows would be very, very small.”

Another source of confusion is how these athletes can get on the road that leads to the ultimate destination in the sport, the Olympia. Manion shares what he has told other athletes about how to determine which shows are the correct choices for that goal.

“NPC Worldwide is the amateur international division. It’s everything outside of the United States. Then you qualify for the IFBB Professional League. So that is your only way to the Olympia stage. That’s the only way you win the Olympia, compete in the Olympia, how you get backstage to hang out with me.”

If you are an athlete or know an athlete that has dreams of being a pro and making it to the Olympia, watch and share this episode of Femme Flex Friday. Many questions get answered for anyone interested in becoming one of the best in the sport. This episode as well as every episode of FFF is available at

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