“Everybody should be practicing recovery.” Those words by two-time Fitness Olympia Champion Whitney Jones are very important for everybody that wants to change the way they look and perform. However, not everyone pays as much attention to recovery as they should. A lot of focus is given to what happens in the gym as well as what pre-workout to take before they go, but what is done after the last set is over plays a big role in the results you can achieve. Many athletes in the IFBB Pro League, including Jones, feels that the recovery from the last workout is the preparation for the next one to come.

That’s why this week’s edition of Femme Flex Friday is devoted to some of the latest and greatest ways to recover from the training. Joining them is Dawn Nasta of Nitrigue Health, who shows the co-hosts a few of the best ways to maximize recovery.

Electrons Plus

Femme Flex Friday showing an Electron Plus device for Recovery
Wings of Strength

Nasta starts with the Electrons plus, which is a machine that provides Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Therapy. She sits on the pad, and the frequency is sent through her to the person that she is touching, in this case the left arm of FFF co-host Alina Popa. The advantage that this machines provides is that it’s very site specific.

“When muscles are injured, and they are locked down because of fatigue, it will actually not fire at all,” Nasta said. “So what we’re trying to do is basically like charging a battery. We’re trying to take energy from the healthy area and move it over to those areas and then charge that and allow it to get some energy and activity.”

Neufit Neubie

Neufit Neubie for Recovery
Courtesy of Wings of Strength

This machine also sends electric currents to the muscles, but it can actually be used during or after training. Nasta demonstrated the machine on Jones to show how it can be used to elicit a hypertrophic response.

“Each bodypart has specific padding,” Nasta explains while placing the pads on Jones. “This device at 500 pulses per second sends a neurological signal to the brain where it can actually force that muscle to relax and lengthen. That is what specifically sets this apart from other machines out there. ”

Even though the machine can be used during a set, it is after the set is over that this machine can help maximize recovery.

“While she is in between her working sets, I put it up to that 500 pulses per second, and basically what that does is automatically put her into recovery.”

Ice Bath

Alina Popa and Whitney Jones taking an ice bath together

Even though there are newer forms of recovery, sometimes old-school wins the day. Ice baths are still utilized and Popa tries this strategy for the first time. Nasta shares why this is so successful for athletes.

“The amazing thing about the ice bath is that when you get in the ice bath, it’s going to cause all of your vessels to constrict. Then when you get out, they open up again. Through that process, you eliminate a lot of metabolic waste. It’s going to decrease inflammation.” Jones shared that she has used this up to peak week before the Olympia.

Compression Boots

Alina Popa and Whitney Jones trying Compression Boots
Wings of Strength

Last but not least, the co-hosts and Nasta discuss compression boots, and how they can help improve recovery in the lower body. Jones uses these after the ice baths.

“It helps get the blood circulating again. After an ice bath, I need it because it can help me to just warm up again,” the former Olympia winner said. Nasta shared other benefits.

“You can actually use the recovery after a strenuous workout or anytime that you want to increase, like, the blood flow and circulation. That’s going to eliminate the toxins and inflammation in your legs. You’re going to get better definition.”

To see all the ways that these machines and strategies can help you make the most out of your recovery time, watch this week’s episode of Femme Flex Friday in its entirety over at www.wingsofstrength.net.

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