Posing is a fundamental aspect of bodybuilding that every competitor should be working on. All of that hard work athletes put in is verified by the way the body is presented when facing the judges. No one knows more about this than IFBB Pro League women’s bodybuilder Janeen Lankowski, who has won more Best Poser awards than any other pro.

Lankowski joined Lenda Murray and Alina Popa on a recent episode of Femme Flex Friday to offer her expertise on the practice of posing. One point she made early in the show is that you have to be comfortable with yourself before you can reach your posing potential.

“It is a presentation. It’s a presentation of yourself. So, if you’re going to feel comfortable in that look, then you’re going to fit in with it,” she said. “I feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Feeling comfortable onstage also includes the sense of sound. Lankowski shared that the right music can make all the difference.

“You want to find a song that is who you are. It’s not so much about what the audience likes. It’s about you because you’re representing yourself and your personality.”

Then, there is putting the routine together. Aside from knowing the fundamentals of each pose and the music, Lankowski believes that you have to learn to communicate with the audience without speaking.

“You want to talk to the audience with your eyes and your body,” she suggested. “It’s not just standing there and going ‘boom.’”

Last but not least, she had a suggestion of one thing to not do – ask the crowd to get louder.

“If you can’t get them when you first step onstage, just don’t bother.”

Lankowski also shared her personal journey to get in bodybuilding as well as what bodybuilding means to her. Go to www.wingsofstrength.com or subscribe to the Wings of Strength YouTube channel to catch all episodes of Femme Flex Friday every week. New episodes air Fridays at 6 PM Easten time. You can follow @femmeflexfriday on Instagram as well.