Dennis James’ roundtables on The Menace Podcast have features some serious star power, but none may be bigger than the eight-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, who joined DJ, Milos Sarcev, and Chris Cormier on the Sept. 25 episode.

In the beginning of the discussion, James asked Coleman about his stem cell treatments. After numerous surgeries, Coleman had been dealing with a lot of pain. However, his treatments had made a huge difference in the right way. He told the panel that pain is no longer an issue.

“I have to keep going, though, that’s the only thing. I’ve had five treatments so far,” Coleman said. “They have cut my pain medications in half.”

James eventually brought up the 2022 Mr. Olympia, and mentioned that when Coleman made predictions about contests, he was usually right. When asked about new talent coming in and placing high, Coleman predicted that the top three will remain the same as it did in 2021, referencing defending two-time winner Big Ramy, 2019 winner Brandon Curry, and 2021 People’s Champion Hadi Choopan.

“I see the same guys in the same top three,” Coleman prophesized. “Andrew [Jacked], Nick, and maybe the 212 guy, [Derek] Lunsford, can crack the top five. I don’t see any of them making it in the top three, though.”

James also suggested that some people feel this year’s Olympia may be the best ever. The eight-time Mr. Olympia agreed with Sarcev that 1999 may go down as the most memorable contest ever.

“Me, Flex [Wheeler], Kevin [Levrone}, Chris [Cormier], and Nasser [El Sonbaty] were there, and everybody was in good shape and good condition back then.”

The panel also discussed Coleman’s career in detail going back to his amateur days, his frequent traveling and popularity in spite of not competing in 15 years, and much more. Subscribe to the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel to see this episode of TMP in its entirety, and subscribe so you can see more episodes as well as other great content. New episodes of TMP drop every Sunday at 3 PM Eastern time.

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