It’s one thing for a father to predict great success for his son, but it’s another when the father is a legend in the son’s sport.

Lee Labrada has won 13 professional bodybuilding contests in his illustrious career and never placed outside of the top five in any contest. His son, Hunter Labrada, is already off to a great start, having won two pro shows and preparing for his second Mr. Olympia appearance. He told Dennis James on this week’s episode of The Menace Podcast that Hunter will go on to do things that even he hadn’t done.

“At 29 years old, I see him improving from year to year for many years to come,” the older Labrada told James. He went on to make a bold prediction for the second generation superstar.

“I do see a Mr. Olympia win in his future.”

Labrada speaks from a father’s standpoint as well as someone who has stood on the same stage himself. Lee Labrada has placed in the top four of the Olympia seven times, including twice as the runner-up to champion Lee Haney. He sees Hunter taking the one step that he never was able to take himself someday.

“I would love for him to win the Mr. Olympia. I’ve told him before ‘Hunter, you’re going to finish what I started. You’re going to be Mr. Olympia one day.’”

That wish for his son is a big deal considering that when Hunter was on “TMP,” he admitted that Lee wanted him to focus on football. Lee confirmed that story to be true.

“He told me ‘Dad, I don’t want to play football anymore. It’s just not in my heart.’ I tried to keep him in football. I wanted him to have the college football experience,” he admitted. “He said, ‘My heart’s not in it. If my heart’s not in it, I’m not going to give it 100 percent, and if I don’t give it 100 percent, I stand a risk of getting hurt. This isn’t a sport you play that you hold back. If I get hurt, I’m not going to be able to pursue my dream of being a professional bodybuilder.’ I go, ‘ok.’”

The rest is history and the younger Labrada has a bright future in their sport. Labrada and James also reflect on Labrada’s own legendary career, including winning the Mr. Universe to turn professional, winning his pro debut at the Night of Champions, and they discuss other topics such as his supplement company, the lost art of posing and presentation, staying in shape in his 50s, and a lot more. Subscribe to the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel to see this and every episode of TMP when they air, Sundays at 3 p.m. Eastern time. Episodes are also available for listening on Spotify.

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0:15 Intro

0:45 First Time Seeing Lee

2:45 Lee’s Childhood

4:10 Bodybuilding Career Summary

9:05 Pro Debit

10:11 Size Difference?

11:03 Hunter as a Child

12:25 Changes Since He Competed

16:35 Classic Physique Vs Open

19:13 Guidance for Hunter Today

26:38 Hunter’s 2021 Chances

27:55 Big Ramy

29:50 Chicago Pro

33:00 Hunter’s Potential

36:06 Did Lee Want Hunter to Compete?

38:40 Labrada Nutrition

42:26 Who Inspired Lee?

44:55 Posing

47:17 How He Stays in Shape

52:12 Posing and Presentation

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