Wrestling fans in the ’90s knew business was about to pick up whenever the driving drumbeat of Goldberg’s entrance music started playing in arenas across the country. When the song hit, the former NFL defensive tackle would psyche himself up for each upcoming battle by slamming his own head against the door of a nearby locker, followed by his long walk from the backstage area all the way to the ring (escorted by security, of course). As anticipation mounted to a fever pitch, thousands of pro wrestling fans in attendance at WCW Monday Nitro all chanted his name in unison, signifying the arrival of one of the decade’s biggest stars.

Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018, Goldberg never won an award for his technical prowess, but what he lacked in scientific wrestling ability, he made up for in spades with his charisma and intensity.

Goldberg captured the imagination of fans all over the world thanks to his unmatched explosiveness and, of course, a seriously epic winning streak. Now set to return once again at Super Showdown, M&F takes a look at the greatest moments in the stellar career of Bill Goldberg.

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