Hey, listen, we’ve all been there… we want the change we deserve but it hasn’t come. Whats going on from preventing you from achieving your fitness goals and staying on track? Work? Family? Boyfriend

Well like the old saying goes “Anything worth doing is hard” or is it “anything worth doing is worth doing right”? Either way both saying applies to any situation, more specifically any situations that requires sacrifice and hard work, and even more specifically any situation that requires and results in long lasting positive change

The key word is dedication. You want a new body? You want to be healthier? Well in the words of Britney Spears, who shaved her head, had a very public mental breakdown, and then dropped several albums that went platinum  … “You better work” or was that Rupaul who coined the phrase? 

So here are double the amount of the commandments because its twice as hard to be fit