Fans and athletes that are involved in bodybuilding should pay attention when a panel of legends get together because the gems of wisdom that are shared can be beneficial for many years to come. Dennis James recently gathered such a panel for a recent episode of The Menace Podcast. Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev, and Dennis Wolf sat down for a discussion about many topics. Among them was the importance of posing, and why it should be taken more seriously than it has in recent years.

“Most people now don’t even count the posing routine as something that is very important,” Wolf said. “So, most people can’t even hit the normal poses right.”

Some athletes just have a natural talent to pose to whatever music is playing. James referenced that he believed Cormier was such an athlete, and he confirmed it by sharing a story from the 2004 Olympia when the DJ for the show played the wrong song.

“I had ‘Lean Back’ instead of ‘Confessions,’ and I had to in a split-second switch my thinking to another song,” he recalled. “So, when it came to that, I can do it.”

Sarcev has been working as a coach for many years, but he was a prominent competitor in the 1990’s, and he understood the importance of posing properly.

“It’s not what you have. It’s what you show,” he said. “When you have those few moments of glory, throw your best poses. You go there, you pick your 10 to 15 best poses, and then connect them so that it makes sense.”

Other topics that were covered include whether bodybuilding is sport, entertainment, or both, the recent Orlando Pro, carb cycling, and more. You can catch this episode as well as all episodes of The Menace Podcast by subscribing to the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. Don’t forget to follow @themenacepodcast on Instagram as well.

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