The Wellness division is the newest out of 11 total divisions in the IFBB Pro League, but one could argue that its popularity around the world is second to none. The third edition of the Wellness Olympia is set to take place at the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL on Nov. 2-5, and one of the contenders for that title is Kassandra Gillis, who won the 2023 Wellness International title at the Arnold Classic earlier this year. The Canadian superstar hopes to join Chris Bumstead and Missy Truscott as Olympia champions from the Great White North. To do that, she hopes to present a combination of her fullness from the Arnold Classic and shape from the 2022 Olympia, where she placed fourth.

Before she takes the Olympia stage in Orlando, she sat down with us for 10 questions, including topics in and out of the sport as well as what she would be doing for a living if not competing.

Kassandra Gillis at home
Kassandra Gillis

Who was your first fitness inspiration?

For me, it was Vivi Winkler. She was so attractive and curvy, but she trained like an animal. She had muscularity, but looked beautiful. That was what led me to start training myself.

If you weren’t a Wellness athlete, what division would you be competing in?

I was actually a Figure competitor before Wellness. The IFBB Pro League didn’t have Wellness yet when I first started, So, I turned pro in Figure, but I switched as soon as I could.

You’re in Olympia prep now. Do you have a favorite protein shake recipe to share?

My go-to would actually be my protein French toast. I take multigrain bread and mix almond milk with protein powder and soak the bread in that to prepare it for toasting. I also have done oatmeal pancakes. You blend in some oats with eggs and protein powder to make the batter. When you’re in prep, you have to get creative with how you make food.

What is the first go-to food after a contest is over?

I am a big sweets person, and I love cheesecake. That would be my number one.

If there was a jet sitting at your local airport ready to take you anywhere in the world that you’ve never been to at no charge to you, where would you go?

I really want to go to Thailand. I’ve heard it’s really beautiful there, and it would be a nice place to get away from everything for a while.

What do you enjoy watching when you get to watch TV?

I really like to watch crime documentaries. That is always a go to on Netflix. I also like watching some reality shows.

If you could meet any fictional TV character, who would it be?

I guess it would be a superhero like Wonder Woman. That would actually be pretty badass.

Do you have any hobbies outside of competing?

I like to go hiking, and I used to do dog training in the past as well. I love nature and animals. I have three dogs and one cat.

What type of music do you like?

I like music that has a good energy with it and is upbeat. I also listen to motivational podcasts on Spotify, especially when I am doing cardio. I like a lot of Andy Frisella’s stuff, and I listen to David Goggins as well.

If you weren’t a bodybuilder, what would you be doing for a career?

I would definitely go back to dog training and dog hiking for sure. No question about it. Follow Gillis on Instagram @kassgfit . Go to to order the 2023 Olympia pay-per-view to see Gillis compete in the 2023 Wellness Olympia.

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