When people think of bodybuilding, the first thought that goes through the mind of many people is either someone hitting a biceps pose or a most muscular, which also can feature the biceps. When little kids are asked flex their muscles, the biceps are the first body part they try to accentuate. Big guns have always been the symbol of being muscular.

Having a strong, well-developed set of guns will also help you develop other body parts as well — mainly your back. Moves like the deadlift and bentover row will only get better when you focus on your biceps as well, as this muscle is the secondary mover during those exercises. Beef up your biceps, and your back will follow soon after.

No one would know more about this topic than the men that have held the title of Mr. Olympia. All 15 legends of the sport had to sport a pair of big biceps so they could flex for a fan at any moment. The five champions included here share their favorite biceps builders which you can try for yourself in the workout at the bottom of this feature.

Big Biceps Workout

The Big Biceps Workout

Add serious size to your biceps by focusing more on the smaller upper arm muscles.

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