This high-intensity circuit is designed to whip your bottom into top shape. “All of the exercises are great for sculpting a tight, lifted butt. They work all parts of the glutes plus the surrounding muscles, like the hamstrings and low back,” says Cari Shoemate, a trainer in Houston. Each round builds in intensity, so you’ll also challenge endurance along with strength.

Finish with some glute-focused cardio to blast fat while boosting your afterburn. Then get ready to rock that two-piece feeling fabulous.

Do these exercises as a circuit three times through, increasing your intensity with each round (add on weight, do plyometrics where appropriate, etc.). Do 12–15 reps of each exercise (or per side). If time permits, add 10 minutes of glute-focused cardio at the end of each circuit.

10 Bikini-Body Exercises to Get Lean and Toned

10 Bikini-Body Exercises to Get Lean and Toned

Here's three-time Olympia winner Ashley Kaltwasser trains her physique.

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