It sucks to spend months trying to figure out how to get abs, fixing your diet, altering your training, and nothing appears. You’re doing everything right; watching what you eat and training near-daily only to have a stubborn layer of fat clinging to the lower abs.

There’s a handful of reasons why you only have a four-pack. For one, genetics dictate where you carry your fat, so blame the ‘rents.

Another could be that your diet isn’t as tight as it needs to be to get rid of that last fraction of flab. Remember that the lower your body fat is, the harder it is to keep dropping and so the more strict your diet needs to be.

When it comes to your workouts, there’s also a chance that you’re accidentally focusing on your upper abs and obliques while neglecting the lower portion. Like your chest and biceps, your abs are a muscle. Meaning, if you don’t spend time training them they won’t grow, and if they don’t grow they won’t jut out through your remaining fat. But don’t worry—you’re not doomed to a life of only four abs.

According to Roland Kickinger, an IFBB Pro League bodybuilder, actor, and celebrity trainer, certain ab exercises emphasize the lower abs and there’s a good chance you’re neglecting them during your workout.

A crunch, for example, has you lift your upper back off of the floor to activate your abs. Pay attention, though, and you’ll realize it’s only the top of your stomach that’s feeling the burn. If you’re a fan of Russian twists, the bad news is that those really only target your obliques or the sides.

Below, Kickinger lays out a lower-abs focused routine as well as some useful tips to help increase the intensity and efficacy of your ab workout.

Learn more about Kickinger’s checklist of what to do to turn your two- or four-pack into a ripped six-pack.


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