Abs and Core Exercises

How to Get Defined Lower Abs

Follow these tips to develop your hard-to-define lower abs.


Upper Back Exercises

Focus on abs at other times of the day

I tell my clients to work on their abs when they'’re doing cardio, training other body parts, walking, or even sitting at their desk. By learning to hold your midsection tight at other times, you create a stronger core, and that will pay off with better development of your lower abs,” Kickinger remarks.

Watch your waist

It'’s true that nutrition is a significant component of making your abs visible. Many people have developed lower abs, but they'’re hidden by a thin layer of bodyfat, Roland says. Bodyfat tends to accumulate a little lower on the waist. If you have a small amount of fat on your waistline, it may only cover your lower abs, while your upper abs appear far more developed. To boil down abs-displaying nutrition to a single sentence, Kickinger states: “Eat fewer calories than you need for bodyweight maintenance while keeping your protein consumption above 1g per pound of bodyweight each day.”

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