What’s the best big lift you can do for your upper body? If your gut reaction says the bench press or military press, you need to start focusing a bit more on pulling over pushing. Truth is, the classic barbell row will give any upper-body exercise a run for its money in terms of developing pure strength and piles of muscle. In fact, most reputable trainers would probably tell you upper-body pulling movements should be prioritized over presses in your program. Why? Because, chances are, your shoulders are hunched at least slightly forward due to guys’ press-happy nature in the gym, plus all the posture-destroying texting, typing, and driving people do, which sets the shoulders even further forward.

If rows aren’t currently a focal point of your training, it’s time they get there—and fast. This one basic movement can be done any number of ways for a bigger, broader, more badass back. Here are six of those ways.