Workout Routines

5 Best Bodyweight Training Exercises

You'll be surprised how effective these bodyweight exercises can be for maintaining your muscle and fitness.

triceps pushup

3. Pullups

One of the biggest mass builders for the back, pullups are also one of the most versatile.

How to Modify the Pullup:

  • Varying grip element (towel, thick rope, offset grip)
  • Modifying linear movement; you can perform side to side movement, you can perform a leg lift or L-sit with each rep
  • Overload the movement with a bookbag between your feet.

Remember if you can’t do a pullup, inverted rows are an excellent choice!

4. Bulgarian Split Squats

I really like this movement because it not only builds muscle and leg strength, but it also improves hip mobility and knee stability. If you have a bookbag with some books in it, you can hold it during this movement overhead, in a zercher or bear hug at the chest or out in front of you.

Don’t forget, elevating your front leg on a box will extend the range of motion for this exercise. Also, an EQI in this position is amazing for rehabbing hip and knee issues.

5 Moves for a Concrete Core

5. Ab Roll-Outs

A more advanced modification to a plank, this movement forces torso rigidity for better movement and increased strength potential for compound, ground-based exercises.

The difference between this movement and a plank is that movement of the upper body is engaged while the torso remain rigid (resisting extension).  Many of you know that there are some pretty innovative modifications to this exercise in Combat Core. I suggest an ab roller, but you can also use blast straps or gymnastic rings to mimic the movement.