Yes, its time to improve your conditioning and reduce your body fat with a intense battle rope workout. With summer just around the corner people will be scrambling to the gyms once they open… if they open.

Hopefully things will get back to normal and we will be on the beach flexing our homemade bodies – to make sure your arms haven’t deflated by then, do this intense workout.


Give this battle rope workout a go at the end of your weight training to prevent fatigue beforehand.


For one, you’ll be a hell of a lot more conditioned—in terms of general cardio and in your arms and shoulders—by working with battle ropes. Also, the series of unique moves listed below will tax both your upper and lower body in a variety of ways.

The Exercises

  • Dirty Bird: With a rope in each hand, perform pulsing quarter-squats while doing lateral slams with the ropes.
  • Reverse Lunge With Small Waves: Start this movement by creating small waves in the ropes. (Think about “air drumming.”) Then begin reverse lunging, alternating legs each time. 
  • Reverse Slam: Pull both ropes violently from the ground as if you were tossing a ball overhead.
  • Side-to-Side Slam: Hold both ends of the rope together and then violently slam them from side to side, bringing your arms up and over.

The Workout

Battle Rope Workout
Exercise Time On Time Off
Dirty Bird 15 Sec. 15 Sec.
Reverse Lunge W/ Small Waves 15 Sec. 15 Sec.
Reverse Slam 15 Sec. 15 Sec.
Side-to-Side Slam 15 Sec. 15 Sec.

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