Maintaining your health is a habit. But habits can’t be formed unless they’re sustainable, so if you want to start focusing on getting the shredded body you’ve always wanted, start by making small changes that can become a part of your everyday routine. Here, we give you some simple, sustainable changes you can make to torch fat and get on the road to the ripped physique you’ve always dreamd of but always thought was too far out of your reach. Make these easy tweaks to your lifestyle and training and say goodbye to your dad bod. Transform yourself into a fat-destroying machine today. 

Exercise Physiologist & Sports Conditioning Coach, Byron Paidoussi sculpts athletes, as well as average Joes, into superheroes. Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Nutrition Counselor, Whitney Cole is a triple threat in the fight against fat. Together they own and operate FITNESS and FUEL LA in Beverly Hills, California, where they inspire clients to exceed their fitness potential by developing no-fail, holistic total-body conditioning and performance nutrition plans.