Not getting the results you’d like despite regular training and a pretty clean diet? Chances are you haven’t maxed out, but a few alterations to how you train and eat can fix that.

That being said, here are 10 reasons you may have plateaued with your results.

Tip #1:

You’re using the same weights now as you did a month ago.

Tip #2:

You forget to take notes on how many reps you do so you actually just go in and do the exact same reps with the same weights every time. Your body is laughing at you.

Tip #3:

You may be eating “pretty” clean, but that’s not good enough. Especially if you’re sneaking junk food in every now and then. Conclusion: You’re not eating strict enough.

Tip #4:

You’re training at comfort level. Weight training shouldn’t be done while your mind is drifting away to paradise. If you don’t feel like you’re in hell on most reps, you’re not doing it hard enough.

Tip #5:

You’re disco training, trying to isolate and tone muscles you don’t even have!

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Tip #6:

You forgot muscle training is not a software you can skip step 1-10 and then start working on it. You need the basics and you need to go through all the stages of muscle development. There’s no fast lane. And if you do choose the fast lane you will see it all fall like a sand castle sooner or later.

Tip #7:

You’re choosing foods that keep you fat if you’re fat and skinny if you’re skinny. Eat for your goals, not for what you wish was the food for your goal.

Tip #8:

You live off protein shakes because you think protein is what builds muscle. You end up using protein to turn it into glucose. And then there goes your energy.

Tip #9:

You emphasize recovery a little too much which means your legs get hit once every two weeks. Since leg training is exhausting it muscles up your whole body unless you curl and extend only, so you miss out on the muscle growth from skipping.

Tip #10:

You never change the order you do your exercises.

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