Starting anything new is never easy; change is never easy, changing the body you’ve had your entire life well thats damn near impossible. You’ll be ultimately attempting to change years of neglect, damage, and god knows what else. On top of that you’re also attempting to change years of evolution and genetic predisposition that has been handed to you over the centuries! Sounds like a momunmental task doesn’t it? That’s because it is. 

 Now what makes it a monumental task at hand isn’t overcoming the genetics its all the temptations of the bad habits that you’ve accumulated over the years, believing the myths that you’ve heard so many people state as fact, and/or quitting and sprialing after having a bad day . 

Follow these 5 very easy very basic rules for rookies as a starting point of your fitness journey (because improving your health is a long hard journey) and view some of the other content on to learn more about the facts on how to lose the weight, build more muscles, and live a healthier lifestyle


How To Lose Weight According To Your Genes and Bod...

Find out which body type you are, then get back to progressing.

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