At Muscle & Fitness we’re driven to shed some light on every aspect of the fitness world. There is no one way to get in shape. We want our readers to explore the multitude of possibilities beyond the confines of a standard gym floor. And so we’re tasking one of our own—Deputy Editor, Zack Zeigler—to go on a unique fitness journey and bring his experiences to you in our new series—WORKOUTS YOU’VE NEVER TRIED.


Workouts You've Never Tried: Fight Camp at Phyt NYC

Before getting started, one quick clarification, this is Fight Camp, not Fight Club, so you won’t be asked to use your face as a punching bag here. However, you will be asked to push yourself to exhausting extremes, and use your body in a variety of unfamiliar ways that challenge new muscles and test your resolve.

In the third installment of Workouts You’ve Never Tried, you’ll be acquiring the skills to defend yourself, along with the conditioning to go the distance for the toughest of physical challenges. The goal is to tax your body from a physical and mental standpoint through a combination of high-intensity, bodyweight exercises and fighting moves. Phyt NYC owner, Jonas Serrano, further breaks it down. “We’re going to go through a one-on-one training session, which will tap into your strength and conditioning. We’re going to be doing some boxing and some MMA.” Each of the seven rounds delivers a combination of unique and targeted moves for a high-octane, total-body workout unlike any other. 

You’ll start things off with a nonstop cardio blast that will build your “strength to endure.” Moving forward, you’ll continue to experience a significant cardio component with an assortment of boxing and mixed martial arts moves. Serrano concurs, “yes, the first class is the strength and the endurance, basically because you’re conditioning your body to endure and understand what you’re putting it under. It’s you really being in tune with what you’re doing,” he says.  

So what did our guy Zack think after putting his body through this ringer? “Three takeaways from Phyt NYC. One, pay attention to details. For example, with burpees grip the ground with your hands to engage the muscles in your hands. Two, discover your weak links. One of mine was my posture during box jumps. It’s okay to have weak links, because now I have something to work toward. Three, tap in to your strength to endure. I wanted to give up numerous times, but I didn’t, and learning that principle can do more than build a stronger physique. It’ll help you build a stronger character and a better everything,” says Zack.

The Batman Vs Superman SuperHero Workout With DC Comics

Jonas Serrano, of Phyt NYC, coaching M&F Deputy Editor Zack Zeigler. 

Along with being an expert in strength training and conditioning, Serrano also takes pride in giving back to those in need. He established the organization Phyt Cares, a charitable fitness community uniting all athletic backgrounds in an effort to support awareness of all local charities and under-represented members of the global community.  

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What is “Workouts You’ve Never Tried”?

In this new series—presented by the makers of 5-hour ENERGY Protein Shots—Zack will be taking on fitness exploits that push him far out of his comfort zone. Zack’s traditional, gym-honed strength and conditioning will be tested with routines he, and others prone to focusing on the fundamentals, would normally never consider trying. Watch what happens when a gym rat tries some of the most creative and challenging workouts the wide world of fitness has to offer.


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