Abs and Core Exercises

4 Moves for Ripped Lower Abs

Transform your lower abs with this ascending six-pack circuit.

Fit Bodybuilder With Six-Pack Abs

For most guys, starting from the bottom and working upward is a great strategy when training abs, because your lower abs tend to be more stubborn than the upper portion in terms of strength and definition. The idea, then, is to develop a routine that works every muscle group in your abs in tandem in order to provide the balance you need.

The collection of movements below accomplishes this quite nicely, starting with two movements that target your lower abs, followed by some oblique work, and a core-stabilization finisher. And since it’s impossible to train one portion of the rectus abdominis—your six-pack muscles—apart from another, your upper abs will get plenty of work, too, in this routine.

The Lower Ab Workout

Exercise Reps
Hanging Leg Raise 12-15
Land Mine 10 per side
Weighted Crunch 15
Swiss Ball Plank 30-sec hold

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