There are plenty of questions to ponder leading up to the 2022 Mr. Olympia. One of those is where 2021 Olympia 212 winner Derek Lunsford will place…in the Men’s Open. Lunsford is now competing with the big boys, and he hopes to be standing tall as the 17th Mr. Olympia at the end of the night on December 17th. Lunsford shared his excitement about competing this year with Isabelle Turell on the Fit Rockstar Show. He also is well aware that he will have to face a long line of other contenders and even two past champions – Brandon Curry and defending Mr. Olympia, Big Ramy.

“I know we’re all going there to challenge for that title, and everyone wants to make history,” said Lunsford. He is even more excited because this also serves as an opportunity for him to showcase his full potential.

“I think being in the 212 was holding me back, and now that I’m able to reach my fullest potential, we’re going to see very extraordinary this year. I’m working my tail off to do that.”

Lunsford made it clear that he’s made the most out this past year, and this new opportunity has fueled his passion to compete like never before. He even compared it to back when he began his bodybuilding career as an amateur.

“I’ve got that fire inside of me this year,” he said emphatically. “This has been the best prep I’ve ever had.”

Turell pointed out that Lunsford could make history on two fronts. He could be the first man to win the Olympia in two divisions, and he would be the youngest winner of the Mr. Olympia since Lee Haney. When reminded of those facts, Lunsford smiled and committed to do all he can to rewrite history books.

“I’m going to give it my best,” he told Turell. Everybody there is amazing, and they want their shot at that title, and I believe I’m one of those guys that can challenge anyone.”

You can see Lunsford attempt to make history by ordering the Olympia pay-per-view over at You can watch this and all episodes of the FIt Rockstar Show by going to or subscribing to the Wings of Strength YouTube channel.

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