Chris Hemsworth is no stranger to a good workout, and fortunately for men who want to look like a Marvel superhero in real life, he often shares tidbits of his fitness routine on Instagram. On Friday, he took to the scoial media platform to share a pair of videos demonstrating an outdoor workout that looks absolutely brutal. 

Hemsworth works through some dumbbell rows from a squat, then moves right into some suitcase deadlifts before carrying the dumbbells over to yet another set of dumbbells. After knocking out some curls to presses, he sprints across a field. He’s sweating the entire time, and we’d be sweating, too. Check out the video in the post below (click the arrow on the right for part two).


Hemsworth instructs anyone who wants to try the workout to repeat the circuit in the video six times. He also shares his fitness app, Centr, at the end of the post so fans can keep following along. The app features workouts and meal plans from Hemsworth and his team of trainers and nutritionists, as well as lifestyle and wellness tips.