Spring is here, and the April issue of Muscle & Fitness is right on cue with the workout tipsmuscle-building recipes, and motivation you need to start crafting your dream physique once the weather warms up.

On our cover this month is celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who you may know as the star of Food Network’s Dinner: Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible. The 53-year-old is no stranger to keeping his physique in peak condition, and in our comprehensive feature, he talks about how he stays ripped, while building a global empire and trying to create a healthier planet.

This month’s spring training guide will kick your body into high gear by focusing on functional strength, mobility, and overall explosiveness. It’s the perfect cure for that winter weight you may have put on.

No matter how great your workouts may be, you’ll never hit your goals with a shoddy diet. This month we deconstruct (and healthify) the bacon cheeseburger, show you how to whip up top-tier meatless fajitas, and five ways to cook sweet potatoes. Our five health-focused recipes will give you some new approaches to comfort food with all of the taste and none of the regret afterwards.

Actor David Lim shares his kick-ass workout to play a S.W.A.T. officer on TV. This issue also features profiles on seven brave and inspiring men and women who keep their physiques in peak shape by serving the public.

And since Muscle & Fitness teamed up with FLEX, you’ll find even more training and diet tips to help you make serious gains in the gym. In this issue, we show you how to get the chest of your dreams with two pieces of equipment in under 30 minutes, and how 2019 Classic Physique Olympia contender, Henri-Pierre Ano, got the width and thickness to contend. We even take a look at women’s bodybuilding and give you a blast from the past by breaking down the 10 best Mr. Olympia rivalries of all time.