Get the July/August Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness' on Newsstands Now

We present our top 10 'Kings of the Beach' and their badass physiques.

Get the July/August Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness' on Newsstands Now

In the July/August issue, some of the biggest names with the most iconic frames find a place among our "Top 10 Kings of the Beach." From Arnold to Zane, you'll see the physiques that truly stand out when hitting the sand and surf. Want to build a similar structure to these sculpted celebs? We've got you covered with a killer upper body workout from Chris Hemsworth that's sure to strengthen and shred those show muscles for a badass beach body of your own.

Along with Hemsworth's exclusive upper body-blaster, you'll also get a fat-torching, bodyweight workout to further speed your shred. No weights, walls or memberships required. Take it outdoors and put your body to the test. And if you're looking for more challenges, we've got a duo that will push you to the limit on your quest for a rockin' summer physique -- "The Rock Hard Challenge (Part 2)" and "The Perform 21-Day Challenge" -- each offering a unique rapid-results approach for getting your body beach-ready.

Already got your shred on and want to make sure you maintain it throughout the year? We've got over a hundred expert tips to help you torch fat and stay shredded for the duration. And if bulking is on your radar for fall, you'll appreciate our 12-week plan for adding mass. 

In addition, we get you in the Olympic spirit with training tips and techniques from top USA athletes going for the gold in Rio this summer. And if your back could use a little extra width and detail, our "Straight Up Back" workout serves up 4 great moves to achieve your goals. We’ll also help you grill like a true M&Fer with a healthy and delicious mix of meats to keep you lean and strong. 

All this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns. You won't find a better way to get your body primed for summer! Don't miss the July/August issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now!

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