There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner. To change your body and see incredible results, you have to start somewhere. Whether you began your fitness journey as a new year’s resolution, decided to get healthy for your family, or just want to improve your athletic performance, we all start at the same place: the gym.

By now you’ve probably learned the basic rules of the gym, how to structure your workoutswhich exercises are best to build a particular muscle group, and felt the improvement in your cardio and breathing. Congratulations. But are you still making mistakes that beginners make? 

The truth is you could be making mistakes that not only slow your gains, but also leave you looking like a kid on his first day in high school. Never fear: keep reading for the ten best ways to avoid looking like a newbie and improving your gym experience. 

A group of fit people doing warmup exercises outdoors before a workout

9 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid to Go from Beginner to ...

Dodge these mistakes to hit your fitness goals faster.

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