2012 IFBB FLEX Pro Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships
Men's bodybuilding, fitness and FLEX Bikini Model prejudging report

Presented by Body Fortress, the second annual IFBB FLEX Pro Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships is officially underway and you know what that means: the best of the best are going at it to see who will walk away as the winner(s) of the first contest in the IFBB Pro League season.

FLEX Pro Bodybuilding
The loaded lineup includes Lionel Beyeke, Fouad Abiad, Eduardo Correa, Ben Pakulski, Shawn Rhoden, Mark Dugdale and more. You've seen the videos and read the blogs as FLEXonline followed the headliners leading up to this big moment and now that all the talk, all the hype and predictions are over, it comes down to who can deliver when it matters most. Here's how the action unfolded at prejudging.

First callout: Fouad Abiad, Lionel Beyeke, Ben Pakulski, Shawn Rhoden

Second callout: Grigori Atoyan, Eduardo Correa, Mark Dugdale, Vladimir Sizov

Third callout: Constantinos Demetriou, DeShaun Grimez, Omar Deckard, Lionel Brown

Fourth callout: Stan Efferding, Oleg Emelianov, Rusty Jeffers, Jojo Ntiforo, Mehmet Yildirim

Fifth callout: Eduardo Correa, Shawn Rhoden, Ben Pakulski, Mark Dugdale

Final callout: Fouad Abiad, Lionel Beyeke, Ben Pakulski, Shawn Rhoden

FLEX Pro Fitness
The rivalry between six-time Fitness Olympia winner Adela Garcia and two-time runner-up Tanji Johnson continues to heat up the stage. Myriam Capes, Oksana Grishina, Camala Rodriguez and Bethany Cisternino are also in the hunt. With the conclusion of the swimsuit and comparison round, it will be decided by the high-flying action of the two-minute routines at the finals tonight.

FLEX Bikini Model Search LA
A whopping twenty, tanned, toned and totally hot bikini babes strutted on stage to set hearts-a-thumping and with the top two earning spots in the FLEX Bikini Model Search Championships, held during the 2012 Olympia Weekend this September in Las Vegas, you can bet the claws came out. Katrina McLellan, Crystal Cunningham, Sarah Brown, Lauren Triana and Denise Milani are the ones to watch at this evening's finals.

Check back tonight to see who the winners will be at the 2012 IFBB FLEX Pro Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships and the FLEX Bikini Model Search LA.